Giving Thanks

By | Thursday, November 26, 2009 Leave a Comment
The past 12-18 months have really been bat-sh*t crazy and a LOT of people are struggling just to stay alive. I don't usually do this type of thing here, but this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for...
  • Remaining employed during this recession
  • Remaining healthy through worsening health care coverage and plans
  • Being able to deal with financial stresses that have really put a squeeze on my budget
  • My family & friends
  • The support I've gotten while writing my book
  • Being able to stay relatively in touch and in tune with the comics industry despite not being able to afford a single comic
  • Having the wherewithal to deal with having a car being struck by lightning
  • People are still interested in the work of Jack Kirby fifteen years after his death
  • The love and support of my S.O.

Not a particularly long list, but it has, as I've said, been a really harsh year. Appreciate whatever it is you've got.
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