Spousal Cooking Shows?

By | Thursday, November 05, 2009 Leave a Comment
So, my S.O. was watching a YouTube cooking show produced by Jes Brevoort. The recipes looked tasty and Jes did a good job of presenting them.

But what also struck the S.O. were the bits and pieces of Jes' life with her family that poked through from time to time. Partially because it humanizes the whole process, but partially because it provided some obscure trivia about her husband, Marvel editor Tom Brevoort.

And that got my S.O. thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have a cooking show featuring the spouses of comic professionals? A different one every episode. This was somewhat predicated by Blake Bell's I Have to Live With This Guy! but the cooking angle would provide a uniquely interesting hook to things; it wouldn't be strictly a comic book piece, but there'd likely be interesting personal asides throughout the recipes. Personally, I'd like to see what Aarti Sadasivam (wife of PC Weenies creator Krishna) would come up with and my S.O. specifically was curious to see what Matt Sheridan (partner in crime of Templar, AZ's Charlie Trotman) could whip up. And who wouldn't want to see Stuart and Kathryn Immonen tag-team on something like this?

Could be fun. Could be interesting. Anyone want to take a shot at producing a series like this?
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