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I've spent a good portion of today cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, doing laundry and ironing, scrubbing the bathtub, washing the dog, etc.) plus a small assortment of other domestic activities (sorting coupons, cooking dinner, going over my finances, etc.) so I thought I'd just run with the theme and do some housecleaning of sorts here as well.

As you've probably noticed already, I updated the cartoon of myself up at the top. The previous one was thrown together rather quickly, and I've since gotten new glasses and a really cool hat (after totally scorching my ears, neck and mostly bald scalp several times this summer already). The new art is a little more realistic and a bit more accurate representation of me.

You may have noticed a couple weeks ago, I updated the subscription feed options on the right-hand nav. Hopefully, this will make it easier for readers to subscribe in the format most friendly/usable to them.

I've also set up an account so that you can have this blog sent to your Kindle. Amazon's priced me at $1.99 a month (I had no control over that) and I hope anyone who subscribes that way finds it worth it. The first two weeks are free at least! You can subscribe for your Kindle here. Right now, I'm one of only 30 comic-related blogs available and (not having a Kindle myself) would be curious to hear what anyone might think of the experience.

I may as well also throw out there that I'm on Facebook and my posts here are synched with my FB account as well, if you'd prefer reading through that outlet.

Finally, I've updated my "Comics I'm Reading" list. I've added a few new regulars and removed a few that have either ended or just no longer interested me. As always, I can find something to recommend in all of the comics on that list (I wouldn't read them otherwise), so you're encouraged to click on any of those links that sound interesting.

"Real" updates resume tomorrow.
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Matt K said...

New drawing and hat look good, man.

And yeah, those pattern-baldness sunburns can be just harsh!


And dude, you should have seen how red I was the day after I saw you last! DEFINITELY could have used the hat that day!