Somebody Make It Stop!

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I just got back from an extended weekend mini-vacation (in which I had a great time, thanks for asking) and I'm trying to catch up on all the fun and exciting comic news that I've missed since sometime Friday afternoon. (My last posts from the weekend were actually written in advance to trick you all into thinking I was still blogging away from my desk!)

So, here I am catching up and I find that the following comic has been announced...
I actually have several problems with this, and about the only way it could bother me more is if they offered a foil-stamped, holographic, die-cut cover variant.

Problem 1) As much as I'm not keen on throwing the President's image in/on comics in a cheap attempt to boost sales, there's at least a modicum of useful material to work with. After all, he's been around for a few decades and has a life story which is actually pretty interesting. But the dog? He's seven months old! Granted, he's had an interesting life for a seven-month-old canine, but I can't imagine any comic story about him at this point NOT being largely fabricated and/or obnoxiously decompressed. My point is that I don't know that there's anything there beyond the dog's name. Malia and Sasha would have been much more interesting/useful/insightful/cute subjects.

Problem 2) "Puppy Power." Really? You want to try to make a positive association with the most annoying cartoon character ever made for what was an otherwise decent show? They made him a villain in the Scooby-Doo movie for a reason. Whoever decided adding "Puppy Power" to the cover here needs to be shot.

Problem 3) The name Bo Obama, when written across the front of a comic like that in all caps does seem to spell "Boobama." I can almost guarantee that at least some people will buy the book specifically for that reason.

Bluewater Productions, I quit you.
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Re #1...
Bo Obama: the First 100 Days: Observations from America's Puppy-in-Chief

The Obama/ White House Dog Picture Book

First Dog: Sasha and Malia Pick Their Pet

Bo, America's Commander in Leash

Bo Obama: First Dog of the United States of America

and so on...

#2) Agreed. "Presidential Pets" would have been better.

#3) Website is already parked. Suggestions when searched:
breast augmentation, booty calls, milfs, trannies. One wonders how internet filters like Netnanny will handle this.

He has a Twitter feed. (Does he have a press secretary?)

Always google names before using. "Boo boo bama" is urban slang.