Get Your Free Incidental Iconography

By | Saturday, May 02, 2009 Leave a Comment
Huzzah! It's Free Comic Book Day and everyone's rushing out to their Local Comic Shop to pick up comic books for free! Well, here at Kleefeld on Comics, I'd like to participate in the fun, so I'm giving away FREE digital copies of Jack Kirby Collector #47, featuring my "Incidental Iconography" column on HERBIE the robot! The pulped wood version of the latest issue (#52) shipped just a few days ago, but you can also save yourself a few bucks by downloading the digital copy today!

OK, technically, it's TwoMorrows who's giving them away. And actually, it's copies any of their magazines. But I figure that if you're coming here, then you're CLEARLY a fan of my brilliant work and want to get the latest and greatest of my pieces.


Sorry -- couldn't say that with a straight face.

But, seriously, head over to TwoMorrows' site and get your FREE copy of one of their mags. All of them are really excellent and well worth your time.

Random Tidbit: My columns began appearing in JKC #40. Just in case, you know, you happen to be curious. Or wanted to buy an issue. Or something. I'm just saying.
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