How Well Do You Know Your Lightning?

By | Monday, June 01, 2009 7 comments
Pop quiz! Can you tell which iconic characters each of these lightning bolt style logos/emblems come from?
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Um... does Madman count?

It's not intended to be a comprehensive exam of all lightning bolt logos, just a quiz to keep everyone on their toes. :)

Yes, Madman's logo would've been viable, but no, I didn't opt to use it here.

Matthew E said...

Neat quiz! I'm going to embarrass myself; I should probably get a lot of these but won't.

First row: Flash (of course), Static
Second row: ?, Bolt
Third row: Black Vulcan, ?
Fourth row: ?, Black Lightning
Fifth row: Captain Marvel (Shazam), ?

Aah. Best I can do. Of the ones I didn't guess at, the first three look *really* familiar; the fourth one looks cool but I'm not sure I've ever seen it before.

I hope you're going to give the answers!

Row 1: Barry Allen/Wallly West/Bart Allen & Static

Row 2: Mage & I'm gonna say Jay Garrick

Row 3: Black Vulcan & I guess...current Shazam?

Row 4: Captain Marvel (serial) & Black Lightning

Row 5: Captain Marvel & Flash Gordon

3B... the golden zap on white... I'm guessing Harry Potter.

Since Robot6 linked here this morning, I'll wait until tomorrow (Wednesday) and post all the answers then.


Barry Allen, Flash
Virgil Hawkins, Static
Kevin Matchstick, Mage
Bolt (2008 Disney movie)
Black Vulcan
Elvis Presley
Captain Marvel (1941 Republic serial)
Jefferson Pierce, Black Lightning
Billy Batson, Captain Marvel
Flash Gordon (1980 Universal movie)