Paper Comic Deathwatch Contest

By | Wednesday, April 02, 2008 1 comment
Over at the Flashback Universe blog, they have a semi-regular feature called "Paper Comic Deathwatch" which discusses the decreasing significance/importance of traditional books, magazines and comics. They don't seem to get a huge number of regular readers (compared to, say, Blog@Newsarama, Comics Reporter, or Journalista) but there's usually some interesting points raised on the topic. Worth a look.

I'll also point out that they've just started a contest to design a logo for the Paper Comic Deathwatch theme. I figured I'd alert you all to that, and throw out there a few designs I whipped together this afternoon (in lieu of actually blogging something substantial)...

A little more illustrative than I usually go, and they probably won't translate well to other media, but I think they might serve their purposes.

Feel free, though, to send them your own ideas. I'm sure they won't mind having better ideas to choose from!
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Anonymous said...

Great job on the PCDW logo. I think all three of them are great but the grim reapers shadow was very cool. Way to go.