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I read Ender's Game back in college and was immediately impressed with Orson Scott Card's ability as a writer. It didn't take me long to plow through the rest of the books, and I became absorbed in Ender's universe for a time. I've never been able to quite pinpoint, for some reason, why I like Card's writing but suffice it to say that his is a name I pay some attention to. (Although I did make a point of avoiding his Ultimate Iron Man because... well... I hate Iron Man.)

But today's announcement that marvel will be adapting Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow is striking. Not so much because I've been waiting eagerly for a comic version of those books, mind you, but because Card is allowing them to be produced. Card has been relatively protective of his work, and the primary reason the books have not been turned into movies or TV shows has been that Card has never felt that anyone has had the ability to do justice to his vision.

"Marvel does such fantastic work. I feel like I'm in so much better hands than I've ever been," Card said earlier today.

Obviously, not being much of a marvel fan these days, I find the idea somewhat surprising but a large part of why I'm not a marvel fan is because I feel that their characters are being disserviced by the current direction of the company overall -- the quality of the work was never really a significant factor. And, with Card not being very big on superheroes, he clearly doesn't have much, if any, emotional investment in how the characters are currently being portrayed.

With that being said, I probably will NOT be getting the comic version of Ender's Game. Not because it's being produced by marvel but because 1) I've already read the novel, and 2) Card isn't writing the adaptation himself. Even so, I still find it mildly encouraging that Card is willing to let marvel mess with his characters.
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Anonymous said...

Interesting, I hadn't heard that. I read the first two Ender books but nothing after that...but I loved those books as a youngster. A friend of mine introduced two things to me at once - Ender's Game and Tintin. Except he was Haitin so all his Tintin books were in French. Still loved them, though. Anyway - back on topic - I've always thought about picking up that series again and finishing it out. And the Marvel treatment does interest me...I'm still reading their books on a regular basis, unlike you, so I guess I'll have to let you know what I think of it!