Growing Up With The X-Men

By | Friday, April 25, 2008 Leave a Comment
Henry Jenkins has just posted masters student Lan Xuan Le's "intimate critique" of the X-Men franchise. Here's an excerpt...
The increasing number of alternate universes validated my increasing distance from the "canon" that I was originally so keen to obtain. It only added to the multiplicity and richness of the X-men text. While this move inspired fan anger for "selling out" the franchise and violating the integrity of the story, I saw this move as a way for the franchise to preserve its heteroglossic mythology. Each one of these re-imagined beginnings was designed for me, the interested audience that found itself excluded from the long-running history of the comic book. I finally felt courted by a universe that likely was not speaking to me, but from which I had appropriated strategies of resistance.
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