This Week's Surprises

By | Wednesday, April 30, 2008 Leave a Comment
I'm usually pretty up-to-speed with what comics are coming out when, but I really enjoy getting surprised form time to time when things show up sooner than I anticipated or I "discover" something as it comes out that was completely flying below my radar.

Yesterday, I received my comp copies of Kirby Five-Oh! in the mail (a day earlier than it went on sale) and it is abso-frickin-lutely gorgeous! If you have ANY interest in Jack Kirby, I highly recommend you pick this up. It will look great next to your copy of Kirby: King of Comics. I can't wait to see the hardcover version!

The other surprise was in the comic shop today as I was browsing the new releases. It's a web comic that totally flew beneath my radar and, regardless of how good or bad it actually is, I couldn't pass up on the title or the price. Ninety-nine cent comics aren't exactly common, but it's a great (I think) gimmick to get people to try a new title. The other thing this book had going for it was the incredibly catchy title: I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space! How could you not want to pick that up off the shelf?!?

Evidently if you want to go the cheap route on the latter of those books (or just sample it before buying), IWKBLPFOS is available for free via Drunk Duck.
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