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By | Friday, October 26, 2007 5 comments
You know, I was actually kicking around the notion of heading up to New York to see this, as I understand it, pretty decent comic convention. As I'm sure you know, they recently began announcing some of the guests that will be in attendance in April 2008, and there's a couple of names that make the idea of driving up there tempting.

But, more tempting to me at the moment is the prospect of meeting some folks I know from online. As I blogged about over a year ago, the small convention circuit I hit had no longer become an entirely enjoyable experience primarily because there was no one to share that enjoyment with. But there are indeed some folks in New York that I would like to hang out with -- and I don't think they'd mind my company.

Of course, at this point, I still have no idea if they're actually planning on hitting NYCC or not. Methinks I ought to make a few inquiries before trying to make any arrangements.

(OK, I know this is a weak post compared to those from earlier in the week. Cut me some slack, though -- they can't all be winners!)

(Besides, my mind at the moment is on My Next Big AdventureTM -- playing drums in a rock band! My audition last night went very well, and they offered me the gig before I left. We're still looking for a lead guitarist, but once we start playing live gigs, you'll probably have to tolerate my occasional plugs for upcoming appearances. I'll try not to go overboard on that, though, and limit those plugs to no more than the plugs I've given to various written pieces I've had published.)

(Oh, and since you asked nicely, we're shooting for a Southern rock kind of sound. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, that sort of thing. Definitely a bar band vibe going on. I'll probably point to some music samples once we record them. And once I build a web site for us.)
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Anonymous said...

Score! Awesome news about the band, Sean. Congratulations. I hope it will be a lot of fun.

Richard said...

I hope the fact that I'll be attending the New York Comic Con won't put you off making the trip! I've written about my past experiences with this convention at interminable length on my blog, so it would be safe to conclude I consider it a highlight of the year and would recommend it highly...and I say that as someone who became so jaded and worn out by conventions that I couldn't even go near one for over a decade. I well understand how someone can go off them in general, but this one reintroduced me to a lot of the enjoyment I used to get from them.

NYCC can be a pretty overwhelming experience if you've only been to the smaller regional Cons, but the wide range of exhibitors and panels makes it worth the trip if you can swing it. And worst case scenario, you're in New York City in April which can be a nice time of year if it's not raining. We even have a couple of Southern Rock-friendly bars you can hit after hours!

Since I'm not comics blogging anymore, I'm actually more likely to attend next year, so if you make it, I look forward to meeting you at some point.

PS: Haven't caught up on your blog in a while but I hope all is well with you outside of comics. Kudos on the band gig.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to say hi if you wind up going. And congrats on the band!

Anonymous said...

Attending comics conventions in NYC is a dream I gave up on sometime in have fun on my behalf!

I'll be looking forward to band news.