Dave Stewart's Walk In

By | Sunday, October 14, 2007 Leave a Comment
I'm still having computer issues but I thought I'd try a quick review of Dave Stewart's Walk In.

The basic plot is that a young Brit begins to find himself having mysterious blackouts. When he comes to days or weeks later, everyone he knows is urious with him, forcing him to leave. He eventually finds himself in Moscow working as a stage mentalist. That runs him afoul of some strange folks who capture him and subject him to a bizarre fish torture. He's saved by a Russian ninja stripper and learns about his true origins on Terra.

According to Stewat's intro, the story is vaguely autobiographical, which goes a long way towards explaining 1980's pop music. Writer Jeff Parker, though, takes what could easily have been a nonsensical jumble and ties a solid, cohesive story around it. Ashish Pandlekar's art flows very smoothly as well, effortlessly swinging from reailty to a dream world to another dimension. Though I'd be remiss if I didn't give colorist Sheetal Tanaji Patil some credit for that as well.

An excellent read overall -- indeed, the best I've seen from Virgin Comics thus far. But, speaking from experience, I wouldn't recommend reading it in the morning before your first cup of coffee; you really need to ground yourself in your own reality first.
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