Frank Miller Circa 1982

By | Wednesday, August 15, 2007 2 comments
The following photo was recently posted online by Alan Light...

It's, of course, a young Frank Miller from the 1982 San Diego Comic Convention. At the time, he was a man of 25 and had been drawing Daredevil for over two years, and had been drawing and writing the series for about half that time. He was certainly on the list of "hot" creators and was making a pretty big name for himself in comicdom. The Dark Knight Returns was still about four years off, and Sin City was almost a decade away.

You up to speed with perspective now? Good -- here's the part I want to point out:

As indicated on the sign behind him, Frank's selling his original art for as little as $20! And even the high price stuff isn't going for more than $125!
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Richard said...

That price range doesn't seem out of line with what I'd have expected to see at that time, especially if the convention was before the Wolverine mini-series began. But can we be absolutely sure the sign is his, rather than whatever artist was sitting to his left? The angle of the photo makes it hard to tell.

I thought of that. Given the angle/perspective of the table, the angle/perspective of the wall (which you can determine by that horizontal stripe behind Frank's head), and the relative proximity of Frank to the wall (which you can tell from his shadow), I'm pretty confident that the sign is about centered over his head. Maybe a bit over his left shoulder. But it's almost certainly behind him.

Of course, if Frank just happened to be sitting at a space reserved for someone else... well, that's another issue entirely!