Covers As Allegory

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Guess what I purchased last night? Check out these comic book covers for clues...

It shouldn't be that big of a leap to figure out that I bought some drums. (Roland TD-3SW to be precise. Not many comic book covers that feature those, though!) I used to play really well back in the day, but got out of it when I went to college to learn a "real" profession. I'm hoping I can get back into things so that A) I'll have a hobby/interest entirely outside of comic books and B) I might get decent enough again to meet people by playing in a band.

But that's neither here nor there, because YOU -- as a reader -- came by to see what I have to say about comic books.

What's relevant here, and why I started with the covers above, is that there have been enough comic books produced over the years to find a cover to illustrate just about any topic. One could, theoretically, put together a newsletter or blog or something with nothing BUT covers and have readers make associations based on current events.

Many years ago, I was given a calendar that had a different comic book cover on every day. Each one somehow related to an event or celebration on that day. At the time, they limited themselves to comics in the public domain, so there was a considerable "bias" away from comics you've most likely heard of. But sure enough, there was a different cover on every day of the year.

Anyway, I've seen people do short spurts along those lines, but it'd be interesting to see if someone were to tackle something like that on a daily basis. (And, no, don't suggest I it -- I'm going to be behind a drum set in my free time!)
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