Chicago? Don't Think So!

By | Monday, August 06, 2007 1 comment
For years, Garfield has been warning us of the dangers of Mondays. Today's strip, for example...
Lo and behold, though, I've had one the crappiest Monday ever, the past two weeks excepted. (So, yes, that would make three weeks in a row of really bottom-of-the-barrel, wouldn't-it-be-less-painful-to-just-shoot-myself, boy-this-REALLY-sucks Mondays.)

I won't bore you with the details, but when I swang by Target to pick up some odds and ends, I also tried to cheer myself up with the purchase of a She-Hulk action figure. I've actually given up getting action figures on several occasions, usually for a year or two at a time, but I started getting itchy again hearing about the release of the new Judge Dredd figure.

Not surprisingly, She-Hulk has done nothing to really defray the crappiness of the day. It should come as no surprise; whether or not I have that action figure -- or indeed any material object -- has absolutely zero relevance to why my Monday sucked. But I'm ten bucks poorer than I was this morning, and no happier than I was this afternoon.

The question I have, then, is why do we do it? I bought the figure knowing full well that it had almost no chance of improving my mood, but I bought it anyway. That makes no sense to me. Am I that upset that I'm grabbing at anything that might please me in any possible fashion, no matter how irrelevant?

You know, I read Garfield this morning and thought, "Hmm. Davis must've been hard up for material; he's falling back on that old trope." I should've realized that newspapers generally put comics next to the horoscopes for a reason!

Hmmm? Oh, yeah... Chicago.

I will go ahead and bore you with one crappy aspect of the day. I was kicking around going to Chicago for Wizard World next weekend to see if I could hook up with some online friends and maybe find some new comics. Just as I was starting to write one of them to ask when he might be available, I realized, "Oh, yeah. The dog's not going to be able to stay by himself the whole weekend. Guess that pretty much rules out any chance of me going since I won't be able to get him a sitter that quickly, and I'm not willing to drop the extra $100 or so for a kennel."

That was actually one of the high points of my day.
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Anonymous said...

Toys = happiness. That's all there is to it. :)

Sean, if you want to go to Chicago I'll chip in on kennel fees. Shoot me an e-mail.