FF Anagrams

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For some reason, it popped into my head to come up with some anagrams of "Fantastic Four." I've tried iterations of my own name before with nothing of note, but some of these FF anagrams seemed much more interesting...
Raincoat stuff
A tariff counts
Fanatic of rust
Fruit of sancta
Nut cost affair
Strict of fauna
Snot cuff tiara
Air nut castoff
Fat runt fiasco
If tuna factors
An outfit scarf
Our faint facts
Fact fan suitor
Fun fact ratios
Fast fur action
If toucans fart
Unfit oaf carts
Fair act futons
Why did I come up with these? I don't know. But if you happen to be doing a spoof or parody of the Fantastic Four, there are some interesting title options there. A steampunk version called "Fanatic of Rust" for example. Maybe one that focuses on long-time enemy/associate the Sub-Mariner called "If Tuna Factors..." Political intrigue in "A Tariff Counts." How about a homage to FF #1 called "Fat Runt Fiasco"?

Next Month: Susan Richards goes to the mall in search of... "An Outfit Scarf!"
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