Dude, Where's My Blogroll?

By | Wednesday, August 15, 2007 Leave a Comment
So I got an e-mail from my bud David the G asking why I'd never put up a Blogroll. I said that I didn't put one up originally because I was new to the blogosphere and just had no idea what was really out there, and over the past year and a half that I've been doing this, I figured no one would really be interested. David says that ain't the case, so if you look down the right side of your screen, you should see the brand-spankin-new Kleefeld on Comics Blogroll.

I actually read a few more blogs than what I've got listed there, but I wanted to limit the ones to which I linked to only ones that are updated pretty regularly. I don't know about you, but I personally find it frustrating to link from someone else's blogroll to a blog that hasn't been updated in several weeks or months. So, even though I'm still keeping up with several other blogs, I'm not listing them here because of their sporadic update schedule. (Nothing personal, guys.)

David also suggested that people might be interested in movies and music and such that I'm interested in, so I'll throw a quick bit about that here while I'm at it.

Music: I was always more of a rhythm guy (I was quite a good drummer back in the day, in fact) and so I don't listen to much of anything that doesn't have a kick-butt rhythm section. I grew up mostly on Rush and Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, but I haven't spent much time/effort keeping up with new material. The only two new bands I've really listened to at all in the past decade or so have been The Blue Man Group (which is as much about their live performances as the music itself) and The Dresden Dolls.

TV and movies I covered way back here.
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