The Elite Covers Post

By | Saturday, July 07, 2007 2 comments
Just a quick covers post, since I haven't done one in a while. Comics that have reached their 777th issue...

The only other ones I could think of are The Dandy and Beano, but I can't find cover scans of those issues. And for whatever other title(s) I might be ignorant of, this is certainly a select group. Archie hasn't made it to #600 quite yet, Superman and Batman haven't made it to #700, and not much else even comes close.

So for those of you who collect Action, Detective, 2000 AD, The Dandy or Beano, good luck! You've got a heck of a ways to finish your collection!
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On a weekly publication schedule, it only takes 15 years to reach issue 777, so lots of British comics have got there, starting with Ally Sloper's Half Holiday, whose 777th issue will have come out sometime in 1899.

But most of them are gone, of course, So if you wanted to restrict yourself to comics that have reached issue 777 and are still being published, the only one to add to your list is Commando, which has chalked up over 4000 issues so far.

Japan has weekly manga titles, but I don't know which if any have run for 15 years. Other countries may also have them, but my ignorance is profound.

At the risk of labouring the point, especially since we are now well past the 7th:

Belgium's Spirou Magazine seems to be up to issue 3613;

Spain's TBO has apparently been published weekly since 1917, but I couldn't find a web presence.