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I've been seriously distratced the past few days, so I haven't been able to do much beyond zombie-ing out on TV. Somewhere in the wasteland of television, I caught the Elekrta movie from a few years ago.

I was impressed at the overall storyline. Elekrta was a deadly assassin but made into a somewhat sympathetic character, unlike what I saw in her last comic book series. The heavy use of flashbacks seemed to generally work and I didn't have problems following the plot. Also, a nice twist with the young girl (Amy?) that was foreshadowed but I still missed -- part of being distracted I guess.

However, I think there were a couple of crucial elements to the film that didn't work and dragged the whole movie down.

First, the action scenes were poorly directed. It was difficult to tell what was going on and where characters were at any given time. I'll cut the director a little slack, though, because I saw the first Tomb Raider immediately afterward and felt it suffered from the same problem. So maybe my head's just not focused enough to follow along that closely at the moment.

The other problem I had was Jennifer Garner. Personally, I don't think she's very attractive and I don't think she's that great an actress. She was good enough that I wouldn't say she sucked eggs or anything, but I think the movie needed someone who could really draw out a viewer's sympathy for the character. Garner didn't really do that, and the movie felt pretty flat because of it. She carried off the action scenes well (curious, considering the problems I had with their direction) but I couldn't feel for the character at all.

Still, better than that Daredevil piece of drek from a year or two earlier.
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You see, I actually prefer Daredevil (the Director's Cut). The only reason to buy (or rent) the Elektra DVD is the incredible extras section. Interviews with pretty much every important Elektra writer or -artist. Very interesting and highly recommendable.

...and she doesn't look even remotely Greek. I get about ONE Marvel hero, and they cast Pasty McWhiterson.

Also ninjas don't cry, nor do they bring people back to life. Quite the opposite, really.