The Next Issue Project

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Jonah Weiland spoke with Erik Larsen over at CBR about Larsen's upcoming "Next Issue Project." It's the only site I've seen so far to mention or discuss it at all, but the idea is to have "top talent from the world of comics reimagining Golden Age characters that have fallen into the public domain."

Personally, I think this is very cool, and I'm eager to see these come out. It's got a number of creators on-board that I really like and I think there's plenty of good ideas to draw upon. I'm definitely going to be getting these books. That said, though, I'm skeptical of it's sale-ability from a business perspective.

First, they're anthologies. Anthologies typically don't sell very well. Second, while there's some great creators on-board, I don't think any of them are particularly popular at the moment. Third, the books will be printed in the older Golden Age size; while that's plus for someone like me, I think it'll cause come retailers problems in shelving them, and I suspect will also prevent some people from buying them precisely because they won't fit in the long boxes they have for current comics.

Don't get me wrong. I want them to do well precisely so that they'll continue publishing these and I will be able to continue buying them. One of the reasons I'm blogging about the project today is to bring awareness of it to the handful of people who might swing by here. But, we'll have to wait and see just how well it does, I suppose.

Still, it couldn't hurt to ask your local comic shop about it, and see if they can't order an extra copy or two!
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