True Chic Or Faux Geek?

By | Friday, July 27, 2007 Leave a Comment
So I'm watching some of G4's live coverage of CCI earlier this evening, and they bring up the question of whether or not Hollywood has ruined the con. At that point, I had only seen about 10-15 minutes of their coverage (having only recorded the previous night's coverage) so I was at first impressed with the fact that a media outlet like that, with a history of bias towards Hollywood, would even pose the question.

I didn't get to hear the full discussion on the topic, but the upshot that I could tell was that they had one proponent of either side of the debate. One person said that the Hollywood/media aspect of the show should be spun out into another convention altogether, and the other said that the media-ness of CCI was fine since there are other big conventions strictly devoted to comics. I've never even been to San Diego, much less attended the Con, so I'm not one to say who's right here.

But what I then found interesting is that much of what I did later see in G4's coverage -- which, admittedly, is not yet everything -- was based around extra-media properties. Iron Man (the movie). Whiteout (the movie). Blade Runner. Poultrygiest. Futurama. Superbad. Get Smart. Now, I will say that it wasn't EXCLUSIVELY media-centric. I caught an interview with Erik Larsen which was all comics, for example. But there was a definite skew towards the media end of things.

Of course, they have every right to cover the show however they want, and I'm sure they're airing what they think their audience will be most responsive to. Newsarama has a lot on the marvel/DC end of things. Valerie D'Orazio's pieces that I've seen thus far are focused on the portrayal and treatment of women in the industry. Just like I'm not really blogging about information spewing out of CCI here, because I know you aren't coming here looking for news. I mean, geez, the show is huge and it'd be silly to think anyone -- even any one group -- could actually report on it all. So that's all cool, but I guess I just figured that the media coverage would be a little more balanced than it was last year.
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