Gone With The Blastwave

By | Thursday, April 26, 2007 1 comment
Yesterday, I stumbled across an online comic called Gone with the Blastwave. I have NO idea how I found it, but I'm quite happy I did.

It's created by a gent named Kimmo Lemetti out of Finland. My understanding is that it's just something he putzes around with in his spare time, so in the two years or so that it's been online, he's only created 30-some pages of artwork. Ah, but some funny stuff!

The basic premise is that there are three warring factions (Reds, Yellows, and Blues) all in the same city. The war's apparently been going on for a while, and no one seems to be entirely sure what the heck they're doing any more. So we (mostly) follow the story of two Reds, as they try to figure out how to keep going.

What strikes me about Blastwave is the absurd levels of cynicism that permeate everyone's psyche. War has become the status quo, and death is so commonplace as to become the subject of ridicule. It's as if every worry of every opponent of violent video games has come true. (Which, I might add, runs contrary to all evidence.) It's an interesting examination of contemporary social consciousness, and I've found myself reflecting on the stories quite a bit, in part, because I think Lemetti is subconsciously touching on some very significant points.

I understand that Lemetti has had publisher approach him about getting the work in print, and it will be available as a standalone pamphlet comic in the next week or so. (Details to come.) Kudos for striking upon a great idea, and pulling it off with a fair degree of style, talent and wit. With only 35 comics to read online -- and translations into several languages available -- there's hardly a reason for for you to NOT check it out.
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Anonymous said...

Im a big fan of Blastwave, but their are 4 armys. You forget green. They died out early in the war, and Kimmo Lemetti has some artwrok of why.