Luther Arkwright

By | Monday, April 02, 2007 Leave a Comment
Sorry about not blogging this weekend -- the 'rents were visiting.

I've taken the brief moments of free time I've had the past several days to start reading The Adventures of Luther Arkwright. (Samples of which can be viewed for free online here.) I've only made it throught the first four issues so far, but to anyone who's considering picking this up, I highly recommend not reading it until you have time to focus on it. I won't get into things here -- honestly, I don't know that I could -- but it's got a complex plot, and trying to watch TV or check your e-mail or whatever while you're reading is going to make things EXCEEDINGLY difficult for you. That's not a bad thing, the storytelling is much more involved and layered than most comics and I think that, given the challenge Bryan Talbot evidently set for himself with these stories, it works exceedingly well. But it's NOT simple linear storytelling, and NOT something I'd recommend leaping lightly into.

I'll post a more full review once I finish the series.
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