Tom Fagan... Paging Tom Fagan!

By | Saturday, April 28, 2007 Leave a Comment
I'm rolling around ideas for my eventual book on comic book fandom, and I'd like to be able to speak with the founder of the Rutland Halloween Parade, Tom Fagan. He's older now than those appearances he had in various 1970s comics, but doing reasonable I gather. An old friend of his, Ian Berger, tells me that he was in a nursing home but supposedly got better and is now out. (Ian's been trying to get back in touch with Tom for the past few years, with little success.)

So I thought I'd try to tap the comic community to see if anyone knows Tom or how to get in touch with him. I think he was a strong and, to many, vital force in comicdom back in the day, and I don't know that anyone's really chatted with him about that. I'd hate to let that opportunity fade away because of inaction.
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