30 Days Of Kleefeld In Print

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I'm drawing a blank so far today on any significant topics to discuss, so I'll just take some time to plug some things that are coming out with my name on them over the next thirty days. (These are alleged shipping dates, mind you. I don't have any word that they will or won't actually ship on time.)
Jack Kirby Collector #48
Ships April 25.
I've got a regular column in this mag called "Incidental Iconography" looking at how Jack Kirby subconsciously injected his character designs with a sense of iconography; allowing him to play around with the specific design, but keep the same general idea through a use of generalized visuals. In this installment, I examine Machine Man and see how Jack filled the character's visual appearance with loads of pshycological metaphors. (As I noted earlier, I was actually quite impressed with myself in this article. Definitely better than the last several installments I've turned in!)
Alter Ego #68
Ships May 9.
This issue is a tribute to the father of comic book fandom, Jerry Bails. My contribution here is an interview I conducted with Jerry a few years before he died. Personally, I think it was interesting because I touched on several aspects of his life that hadn't really been in the public record. (At least, I don't believe they were.) In any event, I don't doubt that the issue has lots of other great material about Jerry and I'm looking forward to seeing what else is in it.
Marvel Spotlight: Fantastic Four
Ships May 23.
A buddy of mine was working on this and needed some help pulling parts together. My contributions -- and I honestly don't know how much of my work will actually make it into the book -- focus mainly around the "Top Ten Thing Stories of All Time." If you disagree with the listings there, I'm probably the person you want to argue with.
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