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Let's play another round of "What Sean Bought This Week!" That's where I don't have anything particularly interesting to talk about here, so I just rattle off what I picked up at the comic shop this week...

Amazing Spider-Man #532
I still get this as my only "real" Spidey title. I've actually been rather enjoying Straczynski's work here, and I have to admit to being curious about how he handles the Civil War tie-in.
The Blackbeard Legacy #1
I'm a sucker for a good pirate story, even though I really shouldn't be picking up a new title right now. But how can I pass it up with a cover like this...?
Books of Doom #6
A decent series, but I'm glad it's over. Very useful from a historical perspective, but not really one that grabbed me.
Godland #11
I have to admit that I'm beginning to lose interest here. I think there were a lot of great ideas thrown in at the start, but I find myself wanted to see that continue instead of just expanding on what the initial issues.
Local #5
Still early in the series, but Brian Wood hasn't disappointed me yet.
Thing #7
C'mon! It's Dan Slott! What's not to love?
Ultimate Fantastic Four #30
Eh. I'm still buying this for my web site, but I haven't really enjoyed the series very much. Especially the issues concerning the zombie creatures. What an asinine concept...
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