Civil War #2 Press

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Okay, so there was apparently this BIG news in Civil War #2 this week and it "leaked" out to the popular press just as the issue debuted. My shop -- like so many others -- got inundated with phone calls and rubber-neckers and the issue is selling like hot cakes.


The big "reveal" at the end of Civil War #2 is that Spider-Man announces his secret identity to the world in a press conference. I haven't actually read the issue yet (my shop -- again, like so many others -- sold out before I got there) but I saw this coming a mile away. The lead-up in Amazing Spider-Man made it fairly obvious to me that that's where the story was headed, and all the hoopla around it seems rather over-blown. To a degree, I can understand that the popular press who might not read comics regularly find this surprising, but within the comic community as well...? This should NOT have shocked anyone who's paid much attention to the "Civil War" storyline at all, much less those who've been reading Spider-Man specifically.

See, this is why I'm so cynical. It was so painfully obvious that it should not have been a big deal. I think Marvel figured this as well since they were clearly under-prepared for it making national headlines. But because so many other people DIDN'T get it until the actual unmasking, that just suggests to me that Hollywood and the government are right in talking down to the American public on just about everything. We're a nation of fools, either unprepared or unwilling to think for ourselves and only accept that which is carefully spoon-fed to us, regardless of what it actually is.
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