The Kleefeld Comic Situation

By | Sunday, June 25, 2006 1 comment
So, my job situation got wonky a little while back. A new boss came in, and moved me from salaried to a contract position, and is now choosing to not renew the contract. Which leaves me out of a job at the end of August.

Now I've known for a little while, so I got my resume together and started looking for a new full-time position. Nothing's materialized yet, though. So The Wife and I are, to be on the safe side, clamping down on extraneous spending and such.

Sadly, comics fall into the extraneous spending category.

I've kind of been going on with life, ignoring the possibility that I'll be out of work come September.

See, comics are my one bulwark for the crap of life. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't go to movies. I don't do sports. I don't go to concerts. When life starts to really suck eggs, I can open up a comic and become absorbed into the world of space ships and super powers and dragons and whatever.

Yeah, my blog today is particularly self-absorbing, but comics are the one thing that I can look forward to. Comics are the one passion I have in life. And to give those up... well, that's my signal that I've got nothing left to give up. I've hit as low as I've ever hit. I feel like total crap and I'm fully aware that it can still go downhill even further.

The never-ending battle, indeed.
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Anonymous said...


Add ten or so years, 30 or so pounds, a kid and an odd mixture of jobs skills ranging from carpenter to programmer, landlord to landscaper...and being unemployed for an extended period of time. What do you do? You take out an obscene loan and pursue a dream hoping that you have worked out all the personal issues it takes to succeed at making a dream come true. If that doesn't work you are seriously screwed, but you tried.

I am in the middle now myself. Doing well academically - but will I get a job? Stay tuned...