Swimming Heroes

By | Thursday, June 22, 2006 Leave a Comment
So, every other day or so, The Wife and I head down to the gym and work out for a while. I usually do some upper body weights to start and then go swimming for a half hour or so. Now I bring this up on this blog because I use a comic book hero to motivate myself to continue swimming after I've started growing tired. Curiously enough, it's NOT Sub-Mariner or Aquaman or any water-based hero. No, my motivational hero of choice while I'm swimming is...

Green Arrow.

Odd, I suppose, but I have this very, very clear vision of Oliver Queen having to swim laps in a pool for some kind of rehab. Some villain's really kicked his tail, and he's using the swimming to re-build his muscular strength or something. And while he's doing it, he's pushing himself through his pain by cursing something like, "Damn it, Arthur! If you can do this, there's no reason I can't!"

Don't know why that imagry pops into my head every time I go swimming, but there you go. The influence of too many comic books over the years, I suppose.
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