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By | Monday, June 19, 2006 2 comments
Groovy news! I just learned that my proposal for an upcoming book was accepted. The book -- as yet untitled -- concerns how trauma is depicted/portrayed in comic books. I just got a copy of the preliminary copy of the book's outline and the Marvel Universe is heavily represented. It's not surprising, really, since the Marvel stable of characters were built more directly on how they dealt with a traumatic origin. Sure, Batman's parents were murdered (and that is being discussed) but there's really not all that much trauma in the DC Universe by comparison.

For my part, I'll be looking at the traumas of the Thing and Dr. Doom and, specifically, how each character -- having undergone a series of similar traumas throughout their lives -- reacted to them differently. Then, those differences in character help to identify each as a hero and villain respectively. Naturally, I've got crudloads of examples to draw upon, so I should be able to get up to my 5,000 word limit with no problems!

My deadline for the first draft isn't until August 20 (coincidentally, I might add, my birthday!) so I expect this book won't see print until 2007 at the earliest. We'll see how things progress, and I'll be sure to post updates here as I hear about them. Then, you'll all have the privledge of paying to read what I write!
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Me said...

I just found your blog as I am searching for your phone number due to the loss of my cell phone! I didn't know you were doing this. Although not a comic enthusiast, I have enjoyed reading this blog and will keep checking it out. This book idea is great! Is this still in the works? Congratulations!

Hey, Becky --

Thanks for swinging by! The book's still on, but it's been VERY slow-going. I figure I'll post a full update on it when I have something substantial to talk about.