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Over on Facebook, Frazz creator Jef Mallett noted that he felt somewhat obliged to periodically recognize, within the context of his strip, the fact that none of his characters are wearing masks. So in yesterday's strip, he had Frazz and Caulfield uncharacteristically break the fourth wall for the day...
Frazz comic strip
Does any of that look familiar? Does it remind anyone of some other comic strip character? Like, perhaps...
Peanuts comic strip
Mallett is using the same notation for unintelligble speech that Charles Schulz always used for Woodstock. This type of notation, as far as I know, has not been used outside of Peanuts but with two different strips using it now -- especially with one of them being by Schulz! -- I think it makes it an official comic shorthand and should be ranked up there with grawlixes, lucaflects, and swalloops.

We need an official name for it, though... How about we call the individual marks "woodstalks"?
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