Super Powers Minis

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Back when I interned at Kenner, I picked up some mini-comics from the old Super Powers toy line. Each figure in the line came with a small (2.75" x 4.25") 16 page booklet with a short comic focusing on the character the toy replicated. I thought I'd scan and share the ones I have...
A few items of note...
  • There are more drawings of Superman in Wonder Woman's comic than there are drawings of Wonder Woman.
  • Robin's cape is colored incorrectly in his logo.
  • Superman appears on the cover of Robin's comic, but not on the story inside.
  • Superman is under mind-control in two of these three comics.
No writing or art credits are given for any of the comics, but the Grand Comics Database uses the following guesses...
Wonder Woman
Pencils: Ross Andru; Adrian Gonzales
Inks: Tony DeZuniga; Frank Chiaramonte; Joe Giella

Pencils: Howard Bender
Inks: Bob Smith; Mike DeCarlo

Doctor Fate
Pencils: Alex Saviuk (Saviuk submitted the credits for this issue himself, so I figure this one is pretty reliable!)
Inks: Gary Martin
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