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If you've not been paying attention (which is totally understandable given all the bullshit we collectively have to hear on the news every day now) my book on Webcomics is less than one month away from publication! The official release date is June 25! (For both the US and UK!) I just got confirmation from my publisher last night that we're still on schedule and there shouldn't be any pandemic related delays!

It's the first textbook on webcomics. There's some history (only one other book has ever really discussed webcomics history at all, and it's been out of print for over a decade), lots of discussion of the social and cultural impact -- their relative ubiquity, impacts of/by technology, how they can be used for education and social causes, the rise of a functional business model and the subsequent ancillary industries... -- questions that need to be asked in addressing webcomics as a whole, in-depth examinations of several specific titles... I even spend a good chunk of time just defining what webcomics are relative to digital comics or other comics that might appear online! This book goes into more depth and breadth about webcomics than any other book before! I don't say that to just be hyperbolic either -- there are VERY few books on the subject (literally six) and only one of them isn't some version of "how-to make webcomics." (The one that isn't is just a straight history.) I'm not saying that I'm covering areas no one has ever covered before, but this book is the first one to look at all these areas together as they pertain to webcomics.

Not surprisingly, with a new book coming out in the near future, I would like to drum up some interest for it and try to get some PR buzz going. So I'm going to be plugging the book here on my blog a bit more than usual, and hopefully in some other venues as well. I just recorded a videocast that will go live in the near future, and I'm working on some guest posts for some other outlets now.

But my dance card isn't filled yet!

If you're interested in talking about webcomics with me, I'd be happy to chat! I'm open to interviews, podcasts, AMAs... whatever outlet where you've got a webcomics-interested audience! (Which, frankly, should be ANY audience! If you're online, you're probably reading webcomics whether you know it or not!) Shoot me an email at and we'll get the details sorted! I've spent a LOT of time thinking and writing about webcomics, and I'd love to share what I've discovered with everybody!
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