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Tales from the Grim promo
Since no one is able to get together in person, a lot of people have been resorting to video conferencing. And while that's typically not as satisfying for the individuals involved, it does mean that a lot more is being recorded and is made available online for others to enjoy. Here's some of what I've found over the past few days...
  • Tales from the Grim has hosted a pair Marvel superheroes RPG games called "Avengers: Until the End of the World" for charity. The players are all folks from the comics creators community. Here's Part 1 and Part 2. One more should be coming soon!
  • Comics Relief from FirstSecond Books was an online festival where a lot of comics folks talking about various aspects of their process. They've got six videos with folks like Gene Luen Yang, Lucy Knisley and Kat Leyh.
  • Gene Luen Yang was also the keynote speaker for Everywhere Book Fest! This one's not exclusively comics, but there's more than a few comics folks that show up including Marie Lu, Scottie Young, Preti Chhibber, and Saladin Ahmed, among others!
  • Mark Allard-Will has been running a Quaratine Reads series where he interviews comics creators. His most recent was with Brian Bolland!
  • This one is a little more widely reported (it's coming from The Beat, after all) but since Dan Shahin did talk with Steve Geppi, Mike Richardson, Gary Groth, Dirk Wood, and Ross Richie, I did want to call out the video itself. I suspect a number of folks read through the summary and forgot the video was even there to take in for yourself!
  • The Ohio State University Libraries has been posting short Curator Talks pieces from their collections, and two of them so far feature Jenny Robb, curator of The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, talking about "A Female Suffrage Fancy" and "Jiji Manga."
There's enough here for at least a few days of non-stop binge-watching if you're so inclined!
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