Tuesday Links

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I don't know that I'll necessarily be getting back into regular links posts, but I did come across a few in the past day or two that are worth sharing without much commentary from me...
  • Carol Tilley has uncovered documentation from 1968 showing what DC Comics executives were making.
  • Bob Corby has posted the nominees for the 2019 SPACE Prize. I haven't read any of the works that are nominated, but I am familiar with several of the creators who I know do good work; there are definitely some comics worth checking out there!
  • You may have seen that Jerry Craft's New Kid just won the Newbery Medal, the first time a graphic novel has won. Here's the official announcement.
  • Deb Aoki is making her way to Angoulême International Comics Festival by way of a few other comics-related stops in Europe, and she's tweeting a slew of (threaded!) wonderful photos and anecdotes. Given that she's traveling with Heidi MacDonald, Karen Green, and Ronald Wimberly, there is TONS of appreciation of the comics exhibits and artifacts they're seeing.
Moebius exhibit photo
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