DC Continues Botching their TPB Program

By | Monday, January 13, 2020 2 comments
I haven't paid much attention to the collected comic editions for a while now. I've picked up a few, but mostly just as I came across them; I haven't really been out looking for specific collections or playing the "waiting for the trade" game. So I've known generally that comic publishers are releasing collected editions of their monthly pamphlet comics, but I don't know what's typical for them with regard to price, length, publication schedule, 'bonus' features, etc.

Graphic Novel bookshelf (not mine!)
This weekend, however, @ProfessorThorgi posted an interesting Twitter thread about how DC is completely botching their trade paperback program. It's not very long, and worth reading all of it, so I'll embed it all here...

You know, I was planning to add my own commentary to this, but honestly, I think @ProfessorThorgi covers pretty much everything! I'm just left wondering what the hell they're thinking over at DC!
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Matt K said...

Holy crap this is dumb.

This makes DC's legendary fumbling over price increases, many decades ago, seem like a reasonable, modest error in comparison.

Kind of makes you think the "Has DC Done Something Stupid Today?" counter should be reset on a weekly, if not daily, basis.