On -isms: It's Black Panther Month

By | Thursday, February 01, 2018 1 comment
As you might have heard, the Black Panther movie opens later this month. As I've been telling people since at least August 2016, there is a lot of excitement around this film. Remember when Beyoncé dropped her Lemonade album and all her fans went nuts? And then she performed at the Super Bowl and their cheers got even louder? And the Kendrick Lamar did that absolutely killer performance at the Grammys and Black people about lost their shit because that was one of the best Black History Months ever?

Yeah, that's going to happen again this month.

Because while Beyoncé is an incredibly powerful crossover artist, Lemonade was successful mostly because of her specifically. She wrote it, she produced it, she sang it. While she definitely had input from others, it's very much her work.

Panther, by contrast, is very much a group effort. And, more significantly, a BLACK group effort. There are prominent Black artists working all up and down this movie, including a soundtrack provided by Lamar. So the movie celebrates not only Blackness but a diversity of Blackness. And it does so with, by every account I've seen, an incredible array of talent. Have you heard that adage that a Black person has to work twice as hard to earn half the recognition of a white person? Black Panther looks like everyone heard that, and worked eight times as hard because damn if they were going to let anyone consider this movie anything less than stellar!

So between the movie and Lamar's soundtrack and whatever else is going on for Black History Month, this is going to provide some major empowerment to Black America. And I want to celebrate that in my own humble way, so my intention here (and frankly, I'm not sure how well I'll be able to pull this off) is to focus every day's blog posts throughout February on something around Black Panther.

Let's make February 2018 the biggest celebration of its kind! Let's make February 2018 a month where people who don't pay attention to this type of thing can't help but take notice! Let's make February 2018 the best Black History Month full stop!

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Matt K said...

Cool, good luck!

Maybe take a trip back to the "Doomwar" storyline? I don't recall anything about it here, but I enjoyed it. (It reads a bit like a video game, or an Infinity War-type core story for which the tie-ins were never produced, but on the whole I liked it.)