On Strips: Editorial Panthers

By | Friday, February 23, 2018 Leave a Comment
With the US premier of Black Panther last Friday, it would normally have been the prime opportunity for editorial cartoonists to reference the movie, and its subsequent box office domination -- ultimately more than doubling the original estimates. However, since the day before was ripped up by yet another horrific school shooting, the headlines and subsequent editorial cartoons have largely been dominated over the past week with discussions about guns, the NRA, and the completely spineless inaction by virtually everyone in government, up to and including the maddeningly pathetic excuse we have for a President.

With that bit of my own editorilizing out of the way, I did find two cartoons from this past week that dealt with the Black Panther opening. Here we have comics from Steve Breen and Joe Heller...

Heller's is particularly interesting, I think, in that it specifically and directly challenges all of the non-POC movie-goers, and their typical lack of consideration for it being Black History Month, beyond the first few days of February.
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