Weekly Black Panther Links

By | Wednesday, February 21, 2018 Leave a Comment
  • A few years ago, Dr. Walter Greason of Monmouth University began something he called The Wakanda Syllabus as a way to use Black Panther as "an opportunity for global audiences to study the traditions of black nationalism, Pan-Africanism, and the variety of African indigenous cultures."
  • You know what a lot Black people asked after watching Black Panther? "How'd they get everybody's hair to look so good?!" (White people, don't laugh! You probably didn't hear them ask, but they did! Trust me!) Ashley Weatherford talked to Camille Friend, head of Black Panther’s hair department, to get what all when into everybody's locks.
  • Ryan Parker talked to Jack Kirby's family, who say that Jack would've love the film.
  • Jamie Broadnax and Abraham Riesman have a short chat with Florence Kasumba about the lack of LGBTQ representation in Black Panther.

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