Weekly Comics Links

By | Wednesday, January 10, 2018 Leave a Comment
  • Comics creator and indie publisher Ken Eppstein asks, "How Do We Save Comic Books?"
  • Comics historian Ian Gordon talks about some of the research he was able to do at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.
  • The Comics Studies Society recently announced several prizes available for scholarship (both academic and not) in the field of comics. (I think, technically, my work would be eligible for the Gilbert Seldes Prize for Public Scholarship, but I'm not about to nominate myself. I think it's pretty much all crap, so I don't think I could select three pieces that would be worthy of judging. But, hey, I'll fully cop to my own biases. If there was anything I wrote last year that you thought was particularly insightful, feel free to let them know! I might not think my stuff is that great, but if someone wants to put me up for a $300 prize, I won't say no!)

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