On History: Valiant Comics, 1994

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After a failed bid to buy Marvel Comics, Jim Shooter and Steven Massarsky formed Voyager Communications in 1989. Almost immediately, they launched their first imprint: Valiant Comics. They brought in some name creators, notably Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Layton, and tried to launch a direct competitor to Marvel.

Part of their problem was trying to create something like Marvel wholecloth. Marvel, as we know it, evolved over the course of at least a decade and grew organically. Valiant tried to hit the ground running with a full-fledged universe right from the start. It wasn't a bad idea per se, but I think they tried to push their line too quickly and didn't allow it to grow more naturally.

After only a few years, video game developer Acclaim Entertainment became interested in the company and discussions to purchase Voyager began. I think that's where this video comes from. It's a half-hour look at Valiant, and acts as a combination "Comics Creation 101" and "Sales Pitch for Valiant as a Company." But, a few decades on, it makes for a unique snapshot of comics creation (that isn't from Marvel, DC, or Image) in the mid-1990s.

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