On History: FF #51 Script

By | Tuesday, January 16, 2018 Leave a Comment
At the tail end of last year, I pulled out a few old comic book scripts I found sitting in my archives, but I forgot to include this last one.

This is the script for Fantastic Four #51 circa 2002. This one's a little less inherently interesting than the others I presented, in that there's no real backstory behind it. This is the just the original plot treatment by Carlos Pacheco and Rafael Marín, from which artist Mark Bagley drew the story. It was then passed to Karl Kesel to script. It was originally provided to me by Marín and, at the time, he noted, "Carlos and I are amazed at how Mark intepreted [sic] the plot... and how well Karl scripted it!" Fascinating to see work like this, though, and how it progress from an idea to execution.

Fantastic Four volume 3 #51 by Rafael Marín and Carlos Pacheco
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