On Business: Looking for Dredd Experts

By | Monday, January 08, 2018 Leave a Comment
This weekend, I was noodling the notion that unemployment in the Mega-City One (where Judge Dredd lives) is usually cited in the 90% range and that citizens are given what amounts to universal basic income (although I'm pretty sure it's never expressly called that).

I'm curious, though, about the details of how things are set up. I was talking with Jamie Gambell about this on Twitter, and he noted there's some references to people being on welfare in "The Chief Judge's Speech" (in prog #2011 circa 2010) but I'd like to see what details are actually specified in the comics. I haven't really read much Judge Dredd since the 1980s, so I'm definitely rusty in my Dredd knowledge, but I'd appreciate it if any experts can point me to (or even scan!) any stories that talk specifically to how the unemployed citizens of Mega-City One get their income.

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