On Webcomics: Congrats, Frank!

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Several years ago, as I was dealing with my own divorce, I found that Bob the Squirrel creator Frank Page was dealing with the same thing at the same time! Well, his cartoon self was, at any rate. Page usually draws his strips with a month of so lead, so he was mired in his divorce a bit before mine and, consequently, was emotionally a bit further down the road than I was.

Which was absolutely perfect for me! It was close enough timing-wise that I felt a real connection to what he was going through, but that he was a little ahead helped pull me out of the hole I was in at the time. It was actually one strip in particular that kicked me in the metaphoric tuchus, and got me back to living. I bought the original art for that strip, and have it hanging right next to my computer.
Now what's noteworthy from Page's perspective here is that this is the coffee shop where cartoon Frank first meets "Foofy Coffee Chick" Lezley. In reality, he knew her from outside the coffee shop before-hand, but they still spent a lot of time in that coffee shop. In both the strip and in reality, that's where they fell in love.

If you've been following Bob the Squirrel lately, you'll know cartoon Frank has been kicking around the idea of proposing to Lezley. It's debatable whether Bob's been helpful in the matter or not. But I don't doubt that his readers are happy and excited at the prospect of Frank marrying Lezley and are eager to see when/where/how he proposes.

Well, it's still rolling out in the comic, but I do know that last week, the real life Frank proposed to the real life Lezley in that very same coffee shop! And while I wasn't on hand to witness it in person, I fairly certain she responded with a "yes" in there somewhere!

Congratulations, Frank and Lezley! I wish you a long and happy life together, and maybe get a few decent storylines out of the deal as well!

Oh, and for you readers, go buy a bunch of his books and original art and stuff. It's ridiculously cheap and, though I don't know if he's realized it yet, but he's going to need the extra money for all the wedding expenses that he'll be racking up soon!
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