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This year has been one of tactics for me. I'm pretty good at tactics, I think. Not so good at stragety. But tactics was what I needed to focus on for much of the year, largely because I had too much going on to stop and think very long-term. For example, the S.O. and I had done some strategic thinking around housing in 2012, so 2013 was more on the specifics of implementation. That is, we knew the general type of house we wanted to buy and the general vicinity, so it was mostly just a matter of actually finding and buying something that met those criteria.

My writing this year, my blog in particular, has mostly been on a sort of autopilot.

"Wait, I haven't posted anything today. Idea, idea, idea... Ah!" Type type type type, publish! "Crap, I should've gone to bed an hour ago!" Dive into bed.

There hasn't been much fore-thought, or design to what I've been putting out there. Frankly, I just haven't been bringing my A-game to the table this year.

I don't mean that as a criticism necessarily, just an observation. I've had so much going on, I just haven't had time to really focus on my comics research and writing. Not properly anyway. Life is kind of an ongoing balancing act, and comics haven't been as much in the forefront as I'd generally like them to be because of some of the tactical work I've had to get done.

But now it appears that things have stablized a bit, and I've had a couple of eurkea moments in the past couple weeks as I've started reacquianting my brain with comics writing. I've got some ideas that I think will make for note-worthy improvements on this blog here, and hopefully that will take it to a higher level. And maybe, if I can really pull off the type of things I'm thinking about, it might just add something to the overall discussion of comics online. (Possibly in general, but we'll see how things go.)

So today's post is partially a heads-up to anyone who's reading that I'll be making a few changes in the coming days and weeks, and partially a way to publicly draw a line in the sand for myself to up my game and start playing like I really mean it. Stay tuned!
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