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By | Monday, November 25, 2013 1 comment
Progress continues on the Kleefeld Comics Library. At a much faster rate than I had originally anticipated too!

I've got my desk pretty well set up, and some art on the (now-painted) walls. I've got the two built-in wall shelves filled, and I just wrote a check for a contractor to build some custom shelving units for my long boxes. He'll also be making kind of a chaise longue thing with more long box storage underneath. I've still got another book case and some free-hanging shelving to get, but that's just a trip to Ikea when I get a chance.

(I'm saving pictures until things are done, by the way. I plan to put together a nice progress video together, along with a lot of shots explaining how/why I made all the decisions I did.)

As for decor, I've got a few pieces framed and hanging now. Two originals by Frank Page, a Jack Kirby print, a movie poster from the unreleased Roger Corman FF movie, and a comic strip artist jam. (That "Voice for Children" poster from 1986.) I've also got an Avengers logo in neon and a good sized decal of Asterix and Obelix on the wall. I need to get another five pieces of original art framed, but I don't know if I'll be able to hang those until after I get those custom units built and in place anyway.

(Oh, and for those concerned, I've already got a UV filtering film on the windows, so the damage to my art and comics should be substantially minimized.)

So it looks like I'll have my Library together by the end of the year. Much sooner than the "sometime maybe around the middle of 2014" than I was originally thinking. But better yet, it's far enough along now that it's really easy for me to envision how it will ultimately look. It's a fair bit different than what I was originally was thinking but it's looking increasingly more functional, accessible and -- best of all -- REAL!
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Matt K said...

Nice! I will watch a video about this, too. :-)