Gambrell Explains Fandom

By | Wednesday, November 13, 2013 Leave a Comment
Dorothy Gambrell's Cat and Girl can often be more cerebral than I like at any hour involving an "AM" but I think this morning's comic does a good, if cynical, job of explaining fandom. This applies to any fandom; comics, cosplay, Star Trek, classic Greek tragedies... you name it!
For as many times as I've heard someone say that their fandom is about inclusion and welcoming people of all sorts, I've seen just as many, if not more, counter-examples of that taking place. You know, it's great to gather together in small groups around a shared interest, but don't deride everyone else because they don't appreciate things in the same way you do. Yeah, some people are going to be assholes, but deride them for being an asshole, not because they're not in your club.
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