Billy Ireland Festival, Day Two

By | Saturday, November 16, 2013 1 comment

What can I say about Friday that I didn't say about Thursday? Throughout the day, the discussions were fantastic. The presentations were, again, very impressive and they all spilled over into the breaks and meals. Pretty much everyone I talked to was friendly and engaging.

The highlight I suppose would have to be the grand opening of the Museum itself. I chatted very briefly with Caitlin McGurk near the end of the evening and when she asked what we thought, we responded with "Do you even need to ask? This is AMAZING!" Her reaction was basically, "Do you really think so?" I heard Jenny Robb was in a similar mindset; they've been in it for so long that it seems a little unreal. I'm sure you'll be able to find pictures online (I won't embarrass you with my terrible photography skills) but suffice it to say that it is everything it should be.

And I have to make one more point. The ribbon cutting ceremony itself had the requisite speeches and such. But what stood out to me was that when Lucy Caswell was thanked, she received the loudest and most sustained applause of the entire day. Deservedly so. In comics, there are lot of people doing a lot of great work who get a fair amount of media attention. And while she seemed a little embarrassed at the formal recognition we collectively gave her, the industry owes her a great debt for getting the Museum started from some pretty humble beginnings. Thank you, Lucy.

On to Day Three!

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Matt K said...

Nice! Awesome that you're having such a great time.

I am definitely looking forward to visiting now that they are resettled in the new space.