A Quick Post-Halloween Story

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The S.O. and I spent the day running errands of the "an hour and some away from the home" variety today. We knew we were going to be in the neighborhood of one of her cousins, and said we'd pop in to say hi. As it turns out, we had a very weak turnout for Halloween this year (between us getting home late and it raining all day) so we had buckets of treats left over, so the S.O. thought we should take some of them over for her cousin's kids.

As I went through my collection of comics-to-give-away-at-Halloween that I could include in the care package (you all have a selection of comics that you hand out on Halloween, right?) I found a short run of Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, one of these kids is too young to read, but the other is 11 and kind-of interested in comics but hasn't really had any opportunities to be nudged into comics fandom properly. That is, he's generally aware of comics, but primarily through the movies and what he sees online.

With that in mind, I deliberately choose several issues that A) strung together in a single story and B) have a movie in the works. While the GotG movie is common knowledge among Marvel fans, I think it's still pretty far under the radar for most people. But by introdcuing him to the comic here in advance, I can predipose him to the idea and get him excited earlier on for the comics. Especially since the movie features a cast largely different than most incarnations of the team, I expect he'll have less of an issue than if he really liked the movie, only to find out the line-up different in many of the comics.

I'm probably way over-thinking this, but that's my comic story for today. I gave a kid some comics -- which he eagerly dove into, I might add -- and I'd like to think it will encourage him in the direction of fandom.
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