Launching Into Links

By | Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Leave a Comment
I try to keep my link posts on pieces that aren't getting much coverage, but I've been a little off the grid lately, so I apologize if these are old hat this week.
  • Christopher Dennis, the Superman of Hollywood Boulevard, managed a bit of heroics defending Jennifer "Wonder Woman" Wenger against a "cowboy boot-wearing transient." Lesson: if you're going to pick a fight with strangers for no reason, don't pick one against the people dressed as superheroes!
  • Erica Gorochow thinks Stephen Vuillemin's webcomics that feature animated GIFs are innovative and a "perfect idea." It's not exactly a new idea, though, and I've seen more than a few creators that, in my opinion, have utilized the format better (also, I don't like that the Vuillemin's delivery has no forward/back buttons) but it's always good to see webcomics getting more attention.
  • Jim Shelley notes the prevalence of science fiction comics on the market today, and likens it back to their heyday in the 1950s.
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